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About Us

Traditional costume with its decorations is a fascinating world which is being rediscovered recently thanks to embroidery fashion trend. with it’s vyshyvankas, kilim and kaftan dresses, tunics and blouses opens the door into this beautiful world of embroidery and folk clothes with contemporary accent for women throughout the world.

Versatility of embroidered dresses and blouses reaffirmed by street fashion and haute couture shows. They are comfortable, they have such trendy features like oversized sleeves and voluminous silhouette and can be worn for a special occasion and when you need to be covered up or they can be sexy with their front slit and flattering belt and showing legs length, mini dresses can be worn as kurti or tunic with jeans and maxi dresses can give you so boho-chic look as nothing else.

And the most important - the embroidery gives your costume uniqueness and such charisma that only crafted clothes can give. works with different embroidery techniques and patterns from all over the world, contemporary and classic color combinations and natural fabrics.

We craft and deliver worldwide excellent and quality embroidered clothes.

You choose what you want to be: a dressy lady, street style icon or bohemian loveliness. Believe us - everything is possible with our masterpieces crafted by hand and heart!

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